3 Ways An Altitude Trampoline Park Impacts Your Community

You may have enjoyed our hundreds of interconnected trampolines, maybe you’ve come over to Altitude for a bounce party or to get in shape, but what happens at Altitude stays at Altitude right? Not so fast. Dedicated centers of play actually serve an important role in surrounding communities, with benefits that — frankly — just warm the heart.

At Altitude, we love showing everyone a great time, because we think people deserve to have more fun, and we care about being an open and safe place where people can depend on enjoying themselves. More than being a hotspot for entertainment and exercise, we want to be a positive part of your community. Afterall, a community that plays together, stays together.

So, we thought we would be good neighbors, and tell you a bit about what our presence in your backyard means for the neighborhood.

The Eye Test

Before we get into the science, we first want to tell you what we see every day. Every day at Altitude, we see just about every kind of person come through our doors, sometimes with friends, other times as a family, or sometimes, as individuals just looking to join a pickup dodgeball game.

When people are here, everyone leaves their worries at the door to engage in games, push their athleticism, and generally get silly in an environment of respect and joy — lots of joy. We’ve long felt that with so much positive energy inside of Altitude, a lot of those good vibes must follow visitors when they walk out the door.

After looking at the science, however, we can now back up what we see everyday with some really up-lifting data.

The Facts

There’s been a lot of significant research about play centers and how they impact communities.

Scientists and academics love to explore the forces shaping societies and communities, and the data is starting to pile up on the benefits of having centers dedicated for the purpose of fun. We’ve looked at a lot of it, but today, we wanted to talk specifically about three key effects that a center of play like Altitude has on its neighborhood:

1. Increasing Family Happiness

A landmark report on play demonstrated that parents associated having fun in playgrounds with the well-being of their families. What’s more, families living near playgrounds and visiting those playgrounds more frequently reported higher levels of happiness.

2. Reducing Seedy & Criminal Behavior

The same study reported that public facilities dedicated to play and youth actually reduced levels of anti-social behaviour and vandalism in their surrounding areas. In other words, the good vibes actually ripple outward from play centers.

3. Bringing People Together

Public space of play can also change community attitudes and break down barriers. Play centers actually improved relations between different ethnic groups, and led to better adjustment of kids into their respective community and school. Excuse us while we wipe away these tears of joy.


Ready to come over and meet your neighbors? Visit us at Altitude and let’s play together!