6 Party Game Ideas; Why Trampoline Parks Throw Epic Parties

No matter what age you are, sometimes, a party needs to be more than just getting together to eat cake — something slightly more on the epic side (don’t worry, there will still be cake). If you’re looking for extreme party games, a trampoline park just might be that crazy/genius idea you’ve been looking for.

With just a quick reservation, you get a lot of party. The typical Altitude trampoline park can handle hundreds of guests, Altitude offers special party hosts to handle all the annoying organizing duties, and most importantly, the party games are just on another level.

Beyond being brilliant birthday party ideas, Altitude games also work for graduation parties, special occasions, or just as the coolest spontaneous weekend idea you’ve ever had.

So, just what kinds of party games are we talking about?

Well, trampoline games may pack in a little more action than your typical parlor games. When you add hundreds of interconnected trampolines into the mix, that tends to happen. If you’re looking to have a blast, here are just a few epic ideas.

Wall-to-Wall Jumping

Remember those hundreds of interconnected trampolines that we mentioned? They go up to the walls, so your party guests can literally take their freestyle jumping wall-to-wall. It’s unlimited fun for kids, and teens and adults aren’t exactly shy about having fun once they catch air. It’s the ultimate playground.

Ultimate Dodgeball

Speaking of ultimate, If dodgeball sounds fun, now imagine playing with superhuman jumping ability! Once your guests catch sight of Altitude’s dedicated dodgeball arenas, you’ll feel the excitement and see more than a few game-faces. Think diving catches and balls whizzing by as you fly through the air. It’s even more exciting than it sounds!

Giant Foam Pit

The foam pit is about the thrill of the free-fall. Take turns throwing yourselves into massive pits of cushioned foam. Get as much air as you can. It’s impossible to land without a giddy smile on your face.

King of the Battle Beam!

Have your guests compete to see who will be the king of the beam. Watch your friends turn into gladiators as they mount a cushioned beam over a pit of foam, armed with padded melee weapons. Make no mistake, this is perfectly safe and completely battle-tested to maximize the good times.

Rockwall Adventure

Simulate a death-defying mountain climb, except unlike climbing a real stone cliff, if you fall, you’re landing in — you guessed it — a foam pit! Turn your party into an Indiana Jones style adventure, and see who’s got what it takes to reach the top.


Every Altitude party factors cake into the equation. If you want to bring your own, we’ll deal with the setup and cleanup. At some parks, we can even include the cake and pizza with your party pass, so call us and ask about it! Afterall, who doesn’t love cake?
Ready to throw the most epic party of the year? Book a party pass today at your local Altitude Park. We’ve got dozens of locations in three continents!