Why a Day of Play at a Trampoline Park is a Brilliant Team-Building Idea

When you think of the whole office spending a day at a Trampoline Park to do some team-building, it’s all too easy to roll your eyes and dismiss the idea as something out of zany TV sitcom, but you’d be oh so mistaken.

There are serious benefits to group play that can create profound changes in your team dynamics, the kinds of changes that can help a struggling team find it’s stride, raise morale, and even create positive effects on mental health.

It’s been proven time and time again that playing is key to childhood development. It’s how we developed our first social skills, how we first learned to work in teams — it even helps shape our brains.

The thing is, we also know that play does not have an expiration date. It still does those same things, and it’s really important that we keep playing as adults.

But seriously, a trampoline park?

Seriously! There’s a lot of definitions of play, but the main one is “fun for its own sake”. The whole idea here is to shift gears away from the tasks that are grinding us down, and release the inner kid in all of us.

More importantly, Trampoline parks are filled with team activities and challenges for different kinds of play that explore unique dynamics.

  • Team Dodgeball: Nothing releases the inner kid like trampoline dodgeball. Your team will be so caught up in the action, they won’t even notice the powerful team dynamics at play. Shake things up with dodgeball and breathe a bit of extra life into your routine.

  • Obstacles: Altitude Parks across the world offer different kinds of fun challenges, from obstacle courses to rock walls and more! Your team will have so much fun rooting on their colleagues. Expect lots of high fives.

  • Freestyle: The freestyle trampoline section offers its own kinds of games, from Trampoline Simon Says to H-O-R-S-E. Our main court is the perfect place to unwind together. You know your team is relaxed when they start bouncing off the walls.

  • Dunk Contest: If you want to see your team get their game-faces on, nothing brings out your inner Lebron like a high-flying dunk contest. Let your team express-themselves with satisfying dunks from way above the rim.

Call your local Altitude, see what activities are available and customize your team-building day. Every activity is perfect for exploiting all of the different benefits that play has to offer.

What exactly were those benefits again?

Glad you asked. Play touches on so many aspects of our lives, and each one spills out into the flow and morale of your team dynamics and work routine. Here are some key aspects:

Develop Positive Relationships

If you love shortcuts, having fun together is sort of like the ultimate shortcut when it comes to building up every aspect of positive chemistry. Play fosters empathy, trust, compassion, and general affection. The more bonded a team feels, the more effective they’ll be at supporting each other towards a common goal.

Stimulate Creativity

We learn, perform, and adapt best when we are in a playful and relaxed state of mind. Inspiration and creative solutions are actually nearly impossible to figure out when you’re nerves are on edge. Often, getting into a playful state isn’t just helpful to getting things done, it’s actually necessary.

Relieve Stress & Boost Energy

I think we all know what happens when life is all work and no play. It’s not just dull, it’s demoralizing! You need to break things up and release stress, and what could be better for that than a game of team dodgeball?

Break Down Barriers

A fun day of play at an Altitude park is the perfect way to turn strangers into teammates, especially if you’re merging departments or welcoming in new members. What’s more, play has been proven to heal emotional wounds. Nothing clears the air like coming together and having a great time.

Celebrating Milestones

You work and work and work, and then you finally achieve a major milestone. Don’t let a moment like that pass by like it was just anything, and then just get right back to more work. Make it feel special, make your accomplishments memorable! A fun day to celebrate your achievements will ingrain in your team the significance of what they’ve done, and that will affect how meaningful they think their work is. What could be more memorable than that time you all went to Altitude to celebrate a milestone?

 Ready to take the team out on an unforgettable day of play? Find an Altitude park near you!