Extreme Dodgeball

It’s like playing dodgeball with superhuman jumping ability -- absolutely epic! Just walk onto our dedicated dodgeball courts to join a game, start a team, and bring the heat from the air.

Foam Pit

Get maximum air time and land into a giant pit of foam. Need we say more?

Performance Trampolines

Launch yourself off our pro-level trampolines and practice parkour on our padded walls like gravity doesn’t exist.


Swing like a circus acrobat over a giant pit of foam! You won’t find this anywhere else.

Gymnastic Tumble Tracks

Master your cheerleading and tumbling gymnastics on our safe, and easy-to-land-on tumble tracks! Show off your moves, from front flips to cartwheels.

Trampoline Basketball

Get further above the rim than you ever have before, and slam it down like you live in a video game.

Rock Wall

Free climb to the top of the wall and fall into a giant pit of foam below.

Battle Beam

Battle against your friend to see who can stay on the beam longer and who goes flying into the foam.

Kids Zone

Filled with Trampolines, Dodgeball, and a Foam Pit all for ages 6 & under.

Ready to play?