6 Events & Milestones Worth Celebrating at a Trampoline Park

While life is full of get-togethers and parties, some things are so specifically special, that they need a proper celebration. By “proper”, of course, we mean invite everybody (and we mean everybody) to do something that blows the doors off of expectations, and creates a totally unique experience. Given that definition, Altitude Trampoline Parks fit the bill perfectly.

Not convinced? Well, let’s take a moment to break down why Altitude parties are amazing memory factories for friends of all ages.

Don’t Just Have a Party, Have an Experience

Altitude is more than an airplane hangar’s worth of fun. Sure we pack tens of thousands of square feet with wall to wall trampolines, and of course, you get free reign when you come to an Altitude Trampoline Park.

More than that, however, Altitude puts a lot of imagination and ingenuity into crafting unforgettable games and experiences that make every visit into its own adventure. Every park at a minimum, has:

  • Wall to wall trampolines
  • Dodgeball courts
  • Dunk lanes
  • Tumble Lanes
  • A Foam Pit

That’s what you can expect guaranteed, and it’s a heck of a guarantee. A party at Altitude never leaves any guests sitting around wondering what to do, and more than just hanging out, everyone is having a shared experience, which science has found to be one of the keys to happiness.

Bond While You Party

Every game has the potential to turn friends-of-friends, into friends. Nothing bonds people like playing together, and soon, the times your guests have together at altitude are sure to bring everyone closer together as a group.

Wherever your party heads off to after Altitude, that party group is going to feel like a family when they go out those doors, and the vibe is going to be all love.

No Hassle

At Altitude, we host your parties from beginning to end, setup to cleanup, so you can have a huge blowout and not worry about any planning beforehand or mess afterwards. We even handle food! It’s one of the least stressful ways to throw a huge bash. How huge?

Loads of Space

At Altitude, we can literally host hundreds of people, so you can invite friends, relatives, distant friends, and distant relatives who you have no idea how you are related to.

No matter how many guests you have, nobody will find themselves waiting to jump on a trampoline, we have enough play space for everybody. Reserve our courts and get several dodgeball games going at all times.

While we doubt that you can fill all of our space, there are some major events where you can at least try.

Here Are 10 Events and Milestones that Altitude can take up to the next level:


Let’s start with the obvious. Birthdays are an Altitude specialty, and every park lets you customize your special B-Day party online. From dodgeball to pizza, we know how to make sure that guests of all ages come and have an epic time.

Sweet 16

Or if you prefer, Quinceanera (sweet 15 in latino culture). Sweet 16 is one of those coming of age parties where it’s just super fun to be a teenager and do teenage things. Have the coolest party at school, and round up all of your friends for a massive dodgeball tournament. No awkward silences, just loads of fun. Plus, Everyone will be talking about your party in class the week after.

Graduation Parties

Graduation is such a bittersweet time, and a graduation party brings out some deep rooted memories and emotions. Everyone is excited about going off on their own path, but also sentimental about breaking off from the group of kids they grew up with over all these years. A Trampoline Park let’s everyone be those kids again in one last hurrah, in a way that’s so perfectly summarizes everyone’s journey from the playground to the senior year. Are you getting emotional yet?

Wedding Receptions

Weddings are lovely, but if there is a place where tend to go wrong, it’s that some weddings can be a bit… let’s just say stuffy. The clothes, the traditions, the photos, and on it goes.

A wedding reception at Altitude is a way of saying, “ok we did the ceremony thing, we’ll be up all night, let’s let down our hair for two hours and just have childish fun.” No love story is complete without bride and groom flipping into a giant foam pit.

Company Achievements

Yes, Altitude Trampoline Parks most certainly have their place in corporate culture (fortunately for corporate culture)! Altitude parks are perfect for team-building, but more importantly, your colleagues are like a second family. When you all achieve something together, celebrate the moment by taking everyone out.

If it’s a big moment for the company, make it feel like a big moment for everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. Have, and watch everyone’s job title disappear in our dunk lanes.

Major Anniversary

If you’ve been married for years, and are still happy together, your amazing marriage deserves something amazing to celebrate. Just imagine your in-laws reactions when they open the invitation and see the address (or don’t. We don’t know your relationship with your in-laws). Show the world that, after all these years, ya’ll can still have fun together like nobody’s business.

Ready to celebrate a big life moment? We have trampoline parks across three continents, and any one of them can make your party special. Find an Altitude near you!