Why a Day of Play at a Trampoline Park is a Brilliant Team-Building Idea

When you think of the whole office spending a day at a Trampoline Park to do some team-building, it’s all too easy to roll your eyes and dismiss the idea as something out of zany TV sitcom, but you’d be oh so mistaken. There are….

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11 Trampoline Facts that’ll Knock Your Jump Socks Off

Trampoline parks like Altitude are only the most recent of many exciting chapters in trampoline history. From the fun to the fascinating, to the totally insane, these 11 facts take some pretty surprising turns.

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7 Safety Tips for Trampoline Jumping & How to Avoid Injury

With more and more people choosing trampoline parks for a fun day out, it’s becoming super important for jumpers to have the right safety tips to avoid potentially nasty accidents. That way, Trampolining can be a hobby that makes your body stronger, the way it’s….

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6 Party Game Ideas & Why Trampoline Parks Throw Epic Parties

No matter what age you are, sometimes, a party needs to be more than just getting together to eat cake — something slightly more on the epic side (don’t worry, there will still be cake). If you’re looking for extreme party games, a trampoline park….

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3 Ways An Altitude Trampoline Park Impacts Your Community

You may have enjoyed our hundreds of interconnected trampolines, maybe you’ve come over to Altitude for a bounce party or to get in shape, but what happens at Altitude stays at Altitude right? Not so fast. Dedicated centers of play actually serve an important role….

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